Let’s Play series from ResT Gaming available

I’m happy to announce a first series of One More Island Let’s Play videos has been published by Tom from ResT Gaming. In a peaceful playthrough ResT figures out how to play One More Island and builds up his colony step by step.

Improving the game

As you can imagine watching someone else play your game in a Let’s Play series is a lot of fun, but also very informative. Figuring out what players enjoy the most and what they get stuck on is a huge opportunity to further improve the game.

There are two examples of gameplay feedback I’d like to share with you. In one of the earlier videos the pace of the game just wasn’t right. ResT was building up towards Tier II but generating the research points proved to be a bit too slow. By tweaking the mission requirement and adding some intermediate missions to guide the player, the game now feels a lot busier early game.

The second example from this Let’s Play series that helped me change the game for the better, was actually a bug. Basically splitting a zone into multiple zones had some issues, which prevented you from completely removing one of the newly created zones. Apparently this was a case where the zone splitting itself had been tested to a point where it seemed to be correct, but in the end it wasn’t.

Let’s play more!

With multiple updates per week ResT will be playing the newest version again soon. Make sure to join us on Discord to stay up to date! Alternatively you can follow One More Island on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!