Gameplay Trailer 3.0

A mere two months ago I shared the updated gameplay trailer from March 2021 with you, but several hundred Git commits later it felt like a new trailer was justified. Check out the 1 minute gameplay trailer which shows all core gameplay mechanics, and judge for yourself!

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What’s new?

Although the March-May visual gap is a lot smaller than the October-March gap was, the biggest prominent change is obviously the renewed user interface. Coming from a combination of Blue buttons and Brown panels (in various shades), the game now features a fresh UI with clean panels and buttons, and an awesome new font!

Fiverr again?

John C. Maxwell once said “It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes.

Well… as you’ve read in my previous blog I had to learn the hard way that hiring a freelancer through Fiverr for a gameplay trailer wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Communication proved to be difficult and properly conveying my own creative thoughts seemed impossible. But what to do…? Invest time in getting some basic video editing skills myself?

Luckily I got in touch with Tom Scheppink, a member of my former student association who turned out to have some video editing skills. After recording some clips myself Tom managed to turn them into the gameplay trailer you’re seeing here, which I’m very happy with!

Coming months

With the release coming up on the 20th of July most effort is going into further stabilizing the game and processing player feedback. Whether that means renewing the trailer in 2 months or not? We’ll find out!

Alright enough blogging! Put the game on your wishlist and stay tuned for the Early Access release, 20 July 2021