Wishlist on Steam now available!

Last Friday the game reached a new milestone: the “Coming Soon” page on the Steam Store is now public so you can put One More Island on your wishlist. That way Steam will inform you when new announcements are posted, the game is released, or if the game has a discount in the future!

I’m ecstatic with having the store page published! It’s an important milestone before the release of One More Island coming July. Please share this with your network and make sure to follow our social channels to stay tuned the coming months. The countdown has started!!

Coming months

Although having the store page public is a huge step, it’s far from the last step before release. Currently I’m working on Dynamic World Generation to increase replayability. Aside from that designer Marco is working on a new user interface (sneak peek) and I’m investigating the options to support multiple languages in the game. Enough to do!

Sometime before the launch in July, most likely June, a new gameplay player will be recorded to show off all new features that are still being developed, as well as the new UI.

If you want to provide input or feedback on the game, you can join the conversation on Reddit in r/BaseBuildingGames or on the Steam Community. Your help so far has proven invaluable in making this game so keep the ideas flowing.

What are you waiting for? Go put One More Island on your Wishlist on Steam! 🙂