Throwback Thursday: design update!

A while back I mentioned that Marco started doing the design for One More Island. Several months down the road it’s time for a before-and-after comparison, and I can assure you it’s a huge difference! We’re not stopping here though, stay tuned for another design update in a month or two.

Introducing: Marco Tonino

First let me properly introduce Marco. I’ve worked with Marco for several years at TOPdesk, where he first worked at the Design department before switching to the Product Management department. Everyone was always very impressed by his design skills, whether he was creating the user interface for TOPdesk (a B2B app) or spicing up a Powerpoint presentation! When I started on One More Island Marco quickly agreed to do some freelance work.

Designer Marco Tonino

Before and after

So, time for the before and after. Check out the image below to see how much visual difference was made in just a few months!

The first sprites were all created by myself, sometimes drawing shapes from scratch, sometimes copy-pasting images from Google and reworking them a bit. I think it’s safe to say I shouldn’t become a designer just yet 😉

Before and after design-update screenshots of One More Island

Up next

Can’t wait to see where we’ll be in a few months from now! On the roadmap for April is a (long overdue) redesign of the User Interface. Before the Summer I hope we can replace all sprites up to Civilization Tier III, we’ll see how far we’ll get!