Gameplay trailer updated and published!

How would you show people you’re working on a game? Exactly, with a gameplay trailer! Unless you’re hesitant to show your trailer because it looks… well… not-that-pretty.

So far I had still been using the gameplay trailer from October 2020, as you could read about in this post. Almost five months (and a couple hundred hours of development) later it was time for a new one. I’m happy to announce the new trailer is live as of today, featuring the new visuals, Bitchy Queen and revised user interface.

Making a gameplay trailer

Back in October I found out the hard way that making a gameplay trailer was not something I loved doing. Sure, recording footage of my game was fun, but then the editing… brr…! Without any experience I started out with the free tool Shotcut, but I wasn’t really able to do everything I wanted. (And yes, the tool probably wasn’t the bottleneck here, but how much time was I going to invest in learning this tool?!)

As you can imagine I resorted again to using Fiverr, a website where you can hire freelancers from all over the world. I reached out to someone to create this gameplay trailer and we started working together.

I’m pretty happy with the end result – but the process could’ve been a bit smoother. I supplied about 40 minutes of footage with an Excel of the timings & highlights, but communication was suboptimal to say the least. If there’s a lesson to be learned here for next time, hire someone with good communication skills or a proven track-record.

The result

About 9 revisions and 30 difficult-to-understand English messages later I have something to show that I’m very proud of! Most concepts are shown: building, researching, trading and of course the Bitchy queen 😉

Before launching the game in Early Access this summer I expect a lot will change still. There’s at least a UI redesign on the planning, and additional concept such as Taxes or building Bridges should probably make the cut as well. Basically I’ll have to repeat the trailer-making process again, but with some lessons learned it’ll go smoother without a doubt! Stay tuned for updates, and don’t forget to subscribe!