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The launch of the second One More Island private beta is now a fact! All testers involved in the first private beta (November 2020) will receive an invite to participate in this second round and I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback will come in. Make sure to subscribe yourself to join future private beta’s. The next (and probably last) private beta will most likely take place in May.

The first round back in November 2020 was mostly a technical demo with some gameplay concepts, the second round is something I can proudly call a gameĀ with an entirely different Look & Feel (thanks Marco Tonino!) and professional voice acting!

Feedback between tests

Of course I’ve also been receiving feedback from helpful friends in-between the official test rounds. The coming weeks will show if I’ve managed to make the game playable without providing too many instructions outside of the game.

Early in the development process there was no ‘mission / todo’ concept yet to explain players what to do, so that was the number one issue to tackle. I received questions like “how to rotate objects” (hotkey R), “how to assign workers” (never did I explain right-clicking on a zone) and the general “what do I need to do..?”.

Now with the mission-overlay a lot more guidance is implemented. Additionally there’s an overview of the hotkeys and the contextual tooltips now describe more clearly what action the mouse buttons will have.

Overview of keyboard shortcuts in One More Island

What’s next?

From the feedback I’ve received so far the most interesting topic is improving the general Building experience. Some examples of remarks I’ve heard:

  • “Why do I need to deconstruct these trees yourself, can’t the game just take care of that?
  • “Why do I need to wait for my Foundations to complete before I can plan the rest of the building?”
  • And perhaps the most recognizable: “Why can’t I place a door on this wall without having to deconstruct it first?!”

In the coming week I’ll be trying to improve the Building experience a lot by addressing these remarks, and possibly adding some additional quality-of-life features.

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