The Demanding Queen

Since the inception One More Island has had a basic storyline about the player being a colonist to find riches for The Old World. In early alpha’s that translated into monthly taxes, which have been replaced by a more advanced worker-upkeep system early 2021.

By now the core gameplay for Tier I and II has been mostly implemented and I’m trying to figure out what will be the exciting new elements for the tiers yet to come. Tier I helps getting the player started with basic production chains on his pre-settled island, step by step introducing new concepts such as Research to the player. When you’ve advanced until Tier II you are forced to settle on another island since you’re lacking some of the necessary fertilities on your main island. That requires you to start building ships, set up a new island from scratch and to provide your far-away-workers with goods to satisfy their needs.

Currently I’m planning for Tier III to reintroduce the concept of taxes. Now that you’re getting richer, it’s time to share with your overlord, right? Introducing: the Demanding Queen!

To give the storyline more body and to have a way of explaining the introduction of new gameplay mechanisms aside from the plain To-Do’s, I started working on a character that sometimes talks to the player. Initially that started out as a slightly longer message upon reaching certain milestones such as advancing to Tier II. Quickly after I started adding some smaller event-based sentences, such as the Queen talking to you when you’ve built a ship for example.

Is the really demanding? Well, perhaps sarcastic and condescending would be even better to describe the character. In an attempt to add some humor to the game you’ll be made fun of as a player, although the Queen might come around a bit if you get to the highest tiers. But until you get that far, watch out for this devilish woman. As long as you manage to pay your taxes all is fine, but if you’re not complying she might start torching your buildings…!

To really make this character an integral part of the game I’ve also started adding spoken dialogues. For a few days now you’ve been able to hear yours truly doing some magnificent voice acting, but soon that’ll be replaced by dialogues from professional voice actress Kim Reiko 🎉